Delivering the changes

We have been working in partnership with teachers, students, school leaders, parents and whānau, and other representatives from the sector to implement the NCEA changes. The changes will be phase in over five years, with new Achievement Standards at Levels 1, 2 and 3 in place by January 2025.

We also want to ensure everything we develop to support the NCEA changes will meet the five principles of a strong NCEA qualification – coherence, credibility, equity and inclusion, pathways and well-being.

Mātauranga Māori

As part of Change 2 of the NCEA Change Package, Mana ōrite mō te mātauranga Māori, we are working to ensure there is equal status, support and resourcing for mātauranga Māori in NCEA, opening up greater opportunities for ākonga to access mātauranga Māori and the pathways that lead from it.

In practical terms, this means:

  • appropriately incorporating mātauranga Māori, te ao Māori and te reo Māori into the new New Zealand Curriculum-derived Achieved Standards and associated resource materials for use across English- and Māori-medium settings.
  • developing new Achievement Standards and associated teaching and learning resources to credential learning from Te Marautanga o Aoteraoa (TMoA).
  • developing new mātauranga Māori subjects to better acknowledge and support pathways that are relevant for and valued by Māori (for example, Māori Performing Arts).
  • ensuring that teachers are better resourced and supported to teach mātauranga Māori.

Literacy & Numeracy

As part of the NCEA Change Package, a package of new Unit Standards is being developed to assess foundational literacy and numeracy.

The package of Literacy & Numeracy standards will be worth 20 credits in total and be externally assessed. Learners will be required to meet the standards to attain NCEA at any level from 2023.

Expert Writing Groups and Expert Feedback Groups have been established to develop the standards and supporting resources for the new NCEA literacy and numeracy requirements in English-medium and Māori-medium contexts.

Initial teaching, learning and assessment guidance for the Literacy & Numeracy standards will be developed in 2021, with a trial of the draft standards in selected settings planned later that year.

Resources to support the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy will continue to be developed to ensure schools and teachers are ready for the mandatory introduction of the new standards in 2023.

Curriculum planning and design

We understand the time and consultation required to review and design your local curriculum. To support you on your journey with NCEA, we have developed a range of guidance to support your local curriculum design alongside the changes.

This includes our Leading Local Curriculum Guide Series which will help you steer your view of your local curriculum. This series supports you to lead discussions with your staff or within curriculum or year groups on:

  • Designing rich opportunities and coherent pathways.
  • Using the right tools to notice and respond to progress.
  • Engaging conversations with parents and whānau about their learning and progress.
  • How you can equip your students for tomorrow's world.