NCEA Pilots

NCEA Pilots in 2021

In the 2021 school year, the Ministry of Education is conducting three pilots as part of its work to strengthen NCEA. The first of these pilots is Te Ao Haka, the new Māori Performing Arts subject. Thirty-seven schools and kura are piloting the subject across all three NCEA levels and for University Entrance.

One of the NCEA changes is to create new standards that will directly assess Te Reo Matatini me te Pāngarau | Literacy and Numeracy. These standards are being piloted in 13 schools, six kura and two tertiary providers in Terms 3 and 4, with a wider pilot planned.

A mini-pilot with NCEA Level 1 English, Science, Religious Studies and Visual Arts is also being run in 25 schools this year. The mini-pilot is a test run of the process for piloting standards and supporting resources ahead of a full pilot of all NCEA Level 1 subjects, which will involve over 250 schools and kura.

Learn more about how schools are engaging with these pilots:

Upcoming NCEA Pilots 

Four pilots will be conducted ahead of the implementation of all new NCEA Level 1 subjects from both The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa and Te Reo Matatini me te Pāngarau | Literacy and Numeracy standards:

  • Te Reo Matatini me te Pāngarau | Literacy and Numeracy
  • All Te Marautanga o Aotearoa (TMoA) Level 1 Wāhanga Ako, which includes Te Reo Rangatira, Pāngarau, Hauora, Tikanga-ā-Iwi, Ngā Toi (Toi Puoro, Ngā Mahi a te Rēhia, Toi Ataata), Pūtaiao, Hangarau
  • All New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) Level 1 subjects, including the four subjects that are part of the 2021 mini-pilot (English, Science, Religious Studies and Visual Arts)
  • Te Ao Haka, which will be piloted across all three NCEA levels and for University Entrance

Pilot Schools and Kura

We have confirmed the schools and kura that will be piloting the new NZC NCEA Level 1 subjects. The pilot schools and kura represent a diverse mix of regions, deciles and school types.

By piloting the new NZC NCEA Level 1 subjects, pilot schools and kura will have an opportunity to test the robustness of the materials and provide their feedback. This will allow for further refinements before the new subjects and standards become compulsory.

Resources for the Pilots

Resources will be progressively made available to support pilot teachers in using the new learning matrices, achievement standards, assessment activities and other supporting materials to plan programmes of learning.

These resources will be made available here to support the understanding of all schools and kura. 

Note: Although these resources will be available to all schools, only pilot schools and kura can use the new achievement standards to credential student learning.