Literacy and numeracy in the classroom.

New Videos on the Importance of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

We have released several new videos to support the Literacy and Numeracy corequisite.

We have released videos to promote the importance of and guidance for foundational numeracy hosted by Associate Professor Robin Averill, Victoria University and foundational literacy hosted by Professor Letitia Fickel and Professor Gail Gillon of University of Canterbury.

We have also released a video hosted by Robert Solomone and Siosiua Pole with a specific focus and guidance on teaching and learning literacy and numeracy for Pacific learners.

All three videos carry the key messages: All teachers will be teachers of literacy and numeracy. All teachers will need to know their learners even more.

Learners should only sit the corequisite standards when they are ready to sit them. Teachers can use a number of tools to assess whether learners | ākonga have attained the requisite skills to be ready to sit the corequisites.