Te Reo Matatini me te Pāngarau | Literacy and Numeracy Transitional Year 2023

You can start your transition to the Literacy and Numeracy | Te Reo Matatini me te Pāngarau corequisite now.

From 2024 the Literacy and Numeracy | Te Reo Matatini me te Pāngarau standards will become a mandatory corequisite to the NCEA qualification. 2023 will be a transitional year.

The transitional year is your year to prepare for the implementation of this mandatory corequisite. There will be two assessment events in 2023, one in Term 2 and one in Term 4, for NCEA settings to enter ākonga who are ready.

Each assessment event will be one week long. Schools and kura will be able to choose when during this time they would like to deliver the Common Assessment Activity. This is also when the portfolio for te reo matatini me te pāngarau will be submitted.

How to participate:

  • Make sure you have consent to assess. Only schools, kura, and tertiary providers with consent to assess are able to deliver the assessments

  • Check out the standards, learning matrices and unpacking documents as well as all of the other resources available on the NCEA.Education website

  • Plan for your teaching and learning to support learners’ readiness for the assessment

  • Plan for the assessment. Start to think about how you might administer the CAA

  • Enter ākonga who are ready into an assessment event

  • If you have questions or concerns, talk your Principal Nominee and School Relationship Managers

NZQA and the Ministry of Education will release further resources and guidance next year to support schools, kura, and tertiary organisation to deliver the Common Assessment Activities.

NZQA have started planning for the assessment events. In order to help this process please complete the following form. Please note that this information is only held for planning purposes.

Participation form

Make a head start on your planning by taking a look at the resources we have available. Under each section, you will find the standards, learning matrices, as well as teaching and learning support materials.

If you have any queries, please email LNPilot@nzqa.govt.nz.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no formal selection process to use the standards in 2023. Because 2023 is a transitional year, any school or kura with consent to assess can use the standards. This means you can start preparing now by engaging with the material on NCEA.Education.

However, we are asking for schools and kura to fill in a form to express an interest in using the standards next year. This is so we can get a sense of how many entries to expect. To express an interest into using the standards next year, all you need to do is complete this form:

Participation Form

Standards have been developed to reflect both the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aoteaora. To meet the new requirements of NCEA, ākonga will have to achieve either literacy OR te reo matatini standards AND either numeracy or pāngarau standards. This means students can mix and match (for example, they could do te reo matatini and numeracy). Ākonga are not restricted based on whether they are learning in a school or wharekura.

Consent to assess allows education organisations to assess unit or achievement standards and award credit for them. More information can be found on NZQA’s website at Consent to Assess.

The standards reflect a foundational level of learning. An ākonga who is ready for the assessment working at approximately Level 4/5 of the Curriculum, where they have control of Level 4 and are ready to work at Level 5. There are many tools you can use as a kaiako to assess if ākonga are sitting at the right level.

Read more about these readiness tools 

To support you in the 2023 transitional year, NCEA.Education will be your first point of call for all resources and opportunities.

You can make a start now through looking the resources that are currently available and reflecting on your current teaching and learning and identifying what might need strengthening to support the new standards.

To see how the corequisite will be made mandatory in 2024, visit theUnderstanding How NCEA Requirements Are Changing page.