Change 3 - Strengthen Literacy and Numeracy Requirements and Assessments

Literacy and Numeracy | Te Reo Matatini me te Pāngarau are important foundational skills that ensure success in further learning across the curriculum, life, and work. 

Currently, we know that NCEA learners do not always have the literacy and numeracy | te reo matatini me te pāngarau skills to support them in learning, life, and work. 

One of the NCEA changes is to create new standards that will directly assess literacy and numeracy | te reo matatini me te pāngarau as a co-requisite to the NCEA qualification. These standards will replace the existing avenues to meet the NCEA requirements. This means learners will no longer be able to meet the requirements through the current package of literacy and numeracy unit standards or the list of achievement standards.

The standards are set to become mandatory from 2023. This means that from 2023, a learner must achieve the co-requisite standards in order to be formally awarded their NCEA qualification at any level. A learner will still be able to continue their NCEA learning while they work towards achieving the literacy and numeracy standards but they will not receive a formal award of an NCEA without passing the Literacy and Numeracy | Te reo Matatini me te Pāngarau co-requisite.

The standards will not be fully implemented until we know that teachers and learners are ready. We will use the narrow 2021 pilot and a wider 2022 pilot to determine readiness, as well as to refine the standards and assessment before 2023. 

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