Change 5 – Simplify NCEA's structure

We heard that New Zealanders are confused by the ability to 'carry over' credits, and want an NCEA which is easier to understand. We also heard strongly that workload has become unmanageable for some students and teachers.

What we've heard

People identified some of the factors that increase workload as:

  • The focus on accumulating credits.
  • The number of assessment tasks.
  • Pressure to allow multiple resubmission opportunities (allowing a student a short period of time to correct minor errors which have prevented the awarding of a higher grade), sometimes outside the intended scope of the rules.

Key changes

  • 60 credits are required to pass each NCEA level.
  • Credits can no longer be carried over to the next level.
  • Resubmissions will only be allowed where they take students from a 'Not achieved' grade to an 'Achieved' grade.